Restraining Orders in Spokane, Washington

Orders for Your Protection

When an argument heats up at home and someone is in danger, the court can issue a protection order to safeguard a family member. If you are dealing with restraining orders, protection orders, or no-contact orders — regardless of whether you need these orders or you're fighting against them — you need a lawyer who can help you.

As an attorney with 10 years of experience in Spokane, Washington, I know how to deal with these types of orders, as well as other criminal law matters. If you are fearful and need protection, or if an order has been unfairly filed against to you, my law firm can fight for your interests.

Don't take a risk: if you are in danger, call the police — and contact Gina Costello as soon as possible.

Types of Orders

The court can give different types of orders for someone's protection: restraining orders, protection orders, and no-contact orders.

  • Restraining Orders: 'You Need to Behave'

A restraining order occurs in domestic cases when the court basically tells the parties, "you need to behave." These orders usually include certain behaviors that the parties are not allowed to do.

  • Protection Orders: Avoiding Imminent Harm in Civil Cases

A protection order comes when you are charged in civil court (usually a lawsuit from your significant other, as in a divorce proceeding, not criminal charges) for domestic violence. A protection order requires a showing that harm has occurred or will likely occur.

  • No-Contact Orders: Avoiding Imminent Harm in Criminal Cases

A No-contact order is a result of criminal domestic violence charges. If you are criminally charged with domestic violence, no-contact orders deem that you can't speak with or see the alleged victim.

Your Attorney

Whatever the surrounding circumstances, I have the experience and skill to help you with your protective order case. I offer competitive prices so that you can get the help you need. Contact me today.

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