Washington State Actions Against Parental Rights

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All the state needs is an allegation that you have placed your child in danger. With that shred of testimony, Child Protective Services can come and take your child away from you and into their custody, legally. You need a lawyer to fight to get your child or children back.

My name is Gina Costello and I have the experience as a Spokane, Washington, attorney to fight for you against Child Protective Services. The sooner you call my law firm after they have taken your child, the more I can do to help. Contact me today.

Everyone has the right to raise their own children, and absent some severe abuse of that right, that the state has proven, Child Protective Services has no business taking your kids away.

The Child Protective Services Process

Although every case is different, the Child Protection Services (CPS) process looks something like this:

  • Protective Custody: When the child is allegedly placed in danger, the CPS or the police take the child and place the child into protective custody.
  • Initial Hearing: Within 72 hours of the initial taking of your child, the CPS must have a hearing before the court to determine whether a sufficient dependency exists for them to keep the child in custody. A dependency is when the child is either not getting the care needed, or is in significant danger from his or her parents.
  • Petition for Dependency: After this, the CPS usually petitions the court for a ruling that a long-term dependency exists, thereby placing the child into CPS custody, for future placement in a foster-home, adoptive family or other long-term care circumstance.

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