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Domestic violence charges come in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes there is a legitimate violent situation and one of the partners needs police protection. But often a claim is fake or exaggerated out of proportion. If you are involved in a domestic violence charge — whether you are the accused or the one needing protection — you need a lawyer with experience and grit to get you the results you need.

My name is Gina Costello and I have been a lawyer for 10 years in Spokane, Washington. I have the experience you need in many areas of criminal law. When you work with Gina M. Costello & Associates, P.S., I will make sure you know your rights, and I will fight to defend your interests.

At All Costs, Be Safe

Only you can gauge whether or not you are safe. Whether you are male or female, call the authorities immediately if you think you're in serious danger —then contact me.

The Experience to Understand Your Situation

There are many ways that a domestic argument can escalate into a domestic violence charge. Financial pressure, a simple argument, and too much alcohol can all be contributing factors.

There is a difference between a simple argument that gets too heated and a true domestic violence situation. A lot people — including a lot of lawyers — can't tell the difference. But my 10 years of experience as a lawyer has taught me to tell the difference between the two. I can help you press domestic violence charges if they are legitimate, and I can defend you against false accusations.

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When facing a domestic violence situation, you might feel alone, like no one is there to advocate for you. I became a lawyer to fight for people like you, to make sure no one can trample over your rights. I offer competitive pricing, and I can meet with you evenings and weekends by appointment, so you can access the help you need. Contact me today.

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